Walkable 21st century amenities with small town charm.

The place where tight-knit communities, natural landscapes, and personal wellbeing coexist in a lively district.

The tight-knit community of Clayton, the agricultural history of Penny Farm, the natural amenities of the rolling landscape, and the Health District’s focus on wellbeing are effortlessly woven together into a walkable, mixed-use area whose modern amenities go hand-in-hand with its small-town living.

“You get to experience life all in one place.”

Clayton Chamber of Commerce President & CEO
Iconic landmark rendering of the Copper District


Mixed-use offices

The center of the District’s office cluster is home to medical office, retail, food, and entertainment. Human-scale buildings and spaces create a comfortable civic campus environment where work-life balance thrives.

Diverse shared spaces

Whether it’s a coffee chat with coworkers or a quiet moment to get away from a busy day, diverse shared spaces are sprinkled throughout the public realm – welcoming all to pause and enjoy.

Outdoor dining

This area provides numerous dining options for employees, guests, and District residents. With restaurants pouring out onto the lawn, friends can break bread, collaborate, share stories, and enjoy happy hour.

Iconic landmarks

As wayfinding devices, District-wide icons will be installed that create a sense of place and orient guests. The iconic grain hopper will anchor the green space as a fountain, providing soothing sounds and offering interaction with its cool waters while telling the Penny Farm story.


Continuous trail surfaces

As a tie that binds together the whole District, the extensive trail network weaves around and through developments. This unifying pathway provides an engaging alternative path to the grocery store, secluded spaces for an afternoon jog, and connected routes for a peaceful bike ride.

Optimized proximity

Part of the magic of the trail system is its adjacency to other uses. The trails are located just steps below residential units and pass by numerous neighborhood commercial functions. The smell of fresh-ground coffee beans wafts across the greenway, reminding users of the wealth of options at their fingertips.

Experiential moments

The identity of the Copper District is evident at every turn. Unique wayfinding markers, educational signage, and workout equipment dot the trail system and express to users the many ways that the District beats with one, cohesive heart.

Traditional tree canopy

Bountiful planters sit at the edge of every intersection, highlighting the naturalistic character of the District. Diverse trees and plantings make the greenway system feel intimate and embedded in nature, while only steps away from accessible streets.

Continuous trails wind through the Copper District
Diverse Streetscapes


Performative landscapes

The naturalistic components of the Copper District are expressed even along residential streets, where residents utilize wild plantings for landscapes and take advantage of planter boxes to grow herbs and vegetables.

Variety of housing

Diverse residential typologies serve every type of family. Ample and unique housing choices provide every type of modern-day family a place to call home – while creating varying facades and visual appeal.

Porches & porticoes

In support of community life, the Copper District champions semi-public and semi-private spaces in its residential typologies, providing a diversity of yards, porches, patios and porticoes. These in-between spaces foster and active street life as neighbors meet, greet, and gather here.

Intimate dimensions

Smaller street widths allow for more walkable, social, and lively neighborhoods. The intimacy of the street creates a welcoming and safe aura – the perfect place for quick conversations with neighbors, a wave while grabbing the mail, and a larger sense of community.

A glimpse into potential future GROWTH AT THE DISTRICT

As a project that is constantly evolving to best serve the area, the Copper District is poised to support additional elements in the future. Our goal is to make sure the District grows with the people and businesses that live there, continuing to provide an elevated residential and commercial experience.

Vibrant tree-lined thoroughfares

Active storefronts with conveniently located residences line the sidewalks. The District’s character shines through with tree-lined thoroughfares and distinct landscape touches.

Conveniently located schools

A central school location with a shared entry plaza provides a place to learn, grow, and gather. The rich landscape imparts educational opportunities that overflow onto the campus, also lending a perfect spot for pedestrian-friendly drop off.

Welcoming gathering spaces

Farmhouse Park is a flexible open space that offers a variety of recreational opportunities. A central gathering space makes a welcoming home for festivals, concerts, birthdays, book clubs, and block parties.