Meet the people behind the Copper District.

“One of the things that we’re really excited about with the Copper District is the amount of energy that Craig Davis and his team have put into planning and asking questions.”

Paul Penny
Former owner of Penny Farm

The Development Team

Lumen Apartments Hampton, VA CDP Project

Craig Davis Properties

Craig Davis Properties develops destinations that surpass the status quo, built to be innovative and ultra-convenient places for people to live, work, play, and engage. We build them in the right communities, at the right time, for the right value because we are constantly researching market trends and emerging opportunities.

By filling the needs of the community, often before the community has even realized what would be the perfect fit for them, our developments are transformative. We make life better. For our partners. For our residents. For our cities.

With over three decades of experience and expertise in developing projects of all sizes and uses, our experiences have given us a unique insight into community growth in emerging neighborhoods. We understand the nuances of working with municipalities and the precision and foresight needed to ensure that all involved parties are working on time and on budget.

Our shift to multifamily and mixed-use developments.

Building on the foundation of past success with developments that specialize in high end office and institutional projects, we are expanding our work in the rapidly growing multifamily sector.

This new direction comes with the promise to create distinct communities that support today’s modern lifestyles in some of the most desirable regions of the country — changing their landscape for generations.

CDP Project Decatur Point

A selection of our most notable developments.

The Banks at Bridgewater

Multifamily, 252 Units
Little River, SC

Alliance One

Class A Office, 146,000 SF
Raleigh, NC

Decatur Point

Multifamily, 203 Units
Denver, CO

The James

Luxury High Rise Multifamily
Durham, NC

Lumen Apartments

Multifamily, 300 Units
Hampton, VA