The Copper District is putting an urban
twist on familiar land.

See how we’re blending the natural with the new while offering quality and variety.

There are three foundational characteristics that allows the Copper District to set itself apart in the marketplace from competitors.


While reflecting on Penny Farm’s history, traditions, and connection to the land, the Copper District infuses a modern appeal and an eye toward innovation. It is a nod to the past and a stride toward the future.

Home – Grown

Rooted in heritage, local history, and community, the Copper District feels like it has always been there while breaking new ground by feeling familiar and fresh, recognizable yet unknown, organic yet cutting-edge.


The Copper District offers its residents and visitors a variety that has never been seen before in this area. An urban experience blended with its agrarian environment that embodies forward-looking energy.

“I think the best way to describe Clayton is – what was old is new again”

Jody Mcleod

Mayor of Town of Clayton

Our master plan is built on time-honored traditions in town planning

This visionary development thoughtfully blends the lines between traditional and contemporary, peaceful and active, natural and manmade, unpretentious and refined. While the Copper District celebrates the joys of small- town living, delivering a warm, safe, and social community where people share common interests, it also provides the cherished amenities of urban life – walkable neighborhoods, robust commercial offerings, beloved cultural assets, world-class healthcare, and high-quality public spaces, such as parks and trails, where recreation and relaxation foster community life.

A vision achieved with six big design ideas.


  • Built upon small town ideals
  • Features a ceremonial main street
  • Offers safe streets organized into small blocks
  • Developed for a walkable lifestyle
  • Locates amenities at central and focal sites


Preserve And Celebrate Natural Systems
  • Abundant in natural beauty
  • Protected wetlands enveloped by greenways
  • Light-touch infrastructure lessens impacts on the existing landscape
  • Architecture relies upon resilient and sustainable materials and systems


Create a Network of Civic Amenities
  • Fosters moments to collaborate, recreate, and socialize
  • Egalitarian spaces encourage conversation and connections
  • Variety of gathering and public spaces


Establish a Lively Mix
of Uses
  • Diversity of uses that serve the needs of its community
  • Mix of everyday retail along the main street
  • Active streets throughout the day and over the weekend
  • Features offices, medical services, restaurants, nightlife, and civic areas


Provide a Diversity of Housing Choices
  • Myriad of housing and parcel types
  • Suitable for families of every size, age, phase of life, and definition
  • Variety of housing types including townhomes, duplexes, and smaller multi-unit buildings
  • Reflects authentic small-town charm


Shape a Distinct District
  • Striking icons express the District’s identity
  • Traditional agricultural motifs and nods to nature
  • Contemporary architecture
  • Rustic materials, naturalistic landscapes, and public art
  • Charming District iconography dots streetlights, benches, banners, and wayfinding